Connected Fleet Management

Connect Fleet
Reduce your operating costs thanks to 360° visibility and real-time management of your fleet via data transmission from your vehicles.
  • Save money with mileage and fuel tracking
  • Ensure proper maintenance of your vehicles with maintenance alerts
  • Deliver better customer service via geolocation
  • Enhance driving safety with eco-driving information.

Digital Car Sharing

Fleet sharing
Reduce your travel budget and vehicle ownership costs with a car-sharing solution for your employees. Reduce your travel budget and vehicle ownership costs with a car-sharing solution for your employees.
  • Streamline the booking process for your fleet with an intuitive online platform.
  • Make your employees more independent through easy access to shared vehicles using a badge, smartphone or connected key cabinet.
  • Monetise your vehicles by opening reservations to your employees for private trips.

Long-Term Rental

Conserve your cash flow and use new vehicles, regardless of your company's size. With Long-Term Rentals, you don't need to worry about resales.
  • Opt for professionals' preferred solution.
  • Adjust your contract's duration and mileage.
  • Choose the services that best fit your needs.
  • Manage your budget with predictable monthly payments.

Why choose Free2Move?

With 130 years of expertise in car technology, and through its Free2Move mobility brand, the PSA Group offers professional solutions to help you better manage your fleet and support your digital transformation.


Our products are compatible with your entire fleet: any brand or type of vehicle for total control over your fleet's activity.


Our solutions are guaranteed by the PSA Group manufacturer. Data transmission to your vehicles is synced accurately and securely in full compliance with legislation on the use of this data and the privacy of your employees.


Free2Move mobility services help you improve driving behaviour, save on fuel and meet your eco-responsibility commitments by reducing CO2 emissions

Whether you are a large company or a micro-enterprise, Free2Move offers you simple and practical solutions to manage your fleet.

With the Connect Fleet services, our group saw gains in 2 areas: 8% savings on fuel consumption in the first year and a better management of infractions and fines.
JEAN-CHARLES HOUYVET Vehicle Fleet Director
Connect Fleet has allowed me to gain 10% on fuel consumption and reduce the accident rate. Moreover, I became trouble-free with a solution that is manufacturer guaranteed!
Jean-Luc CELOTTO Car Fleet Purchasing Manager
With Fleet Sharing, we simplify the booking process and use of vehicles, we manage better our fleet activity and our costs.
Fanny Amé Vehicle Fleet Manager
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Optimise your fleet management with Free2Move for pros

Fleet tracking allows better management of your activity thanks to automatic data syncing for mileage, fuel level, routes taken, driving behaviour and geolocation. Our fleet management software, via an online platform, allows you to have an overview of your employees' travel and thus reduce your car fleet's costs. Geolocation also allows you to lower the risk of additional costs related to vehicle theft, while optimising your company's productivity and budget. Vehicle geolocation consists of connecting your fleet to our platform through your vehicles' embedded electronics.

Synced eco-driving data gives you the ability to improve your employees' safety while reducing the carbon footprint. Our fleet tracking solution comes with a car-sharing service to give you the chance to save significantly on the cost of maintaining your vehicle fleet, while at the same time improving your environmental impact. Moreover, our product aligns with your company's values and meets your requirements in terms of data security and respect for your employees' privacy, while adapting to the company travel plan and new regulations with an eco-responsible approach. The leasing service also allows you to accelerate your company's mobility through a flexible long-term rental and a portfolio of services that are customised to your company such as a fuel card, management of your contracts on a single platform or management of fines. With PSA Group and Free2Move, adopt the best practices of fleet management and digital car sharing, and be the fleet manager of tomorrow!

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